Our purpose is to bring people from all walks of life together in a safe community of expression, empowerment and love to help guide them to a place of healing, discovering life pleasure, happiness and purpose!

What We Do!

We create experiences, ceremonies, spaces and platforms to shift your reality and help guide you in developing mind, body and soul through the understanding of energy transmutation and self healing, allowing reduced stress, peace of mind, acceptance and improved happiness and life view.

How We Do It!

We base our healing and experiences around the 5 Elements, Stoic Alchemy, and Spiritual Awareness to help you align physically, mentally and spiritually using movement, breathwork, cold exposure, meditation, energy manipulation, frequency, plant medicine and other hormesis methods.


Strengthening The Mind Through Bio Hacking Knowledge And Stoic Techniques


Ensuring The Body Is The Best It Can Be, To Ease Life And Unleash The Inner Warrior


Serving Your Spiritual Needs Through Breath Work, Meditation And Community

A full 180 Shift


Incorporating learnings from across the globe to create an immersive experience through the body and mind into the soul to discover happiness and life purpose!


Working with facilities, councils and businesses around the world to help them enjoy an array of experiences to facilitate healing, empowerment, expression and enjoyment of life!

Corporate Wellbeing

Working with businesses to positively impact their relationship with their employees, helping their  people find satisfaction in the jobs they do and within everyday life!


I've been with the guys at 180 for over 4 years now, my life has changed and I am free to be more human in every activity I take part in!

Aaron Lauder

I was introduced to 180 well over 6 years ago. I lost weight as a side effect and gained skills and confidence to go with it. I see a huge benefit with their combination of mind, body and soul teachings they instil.

Jordan Kelly

Choose Your journey

Pick a service that best fits your journey. We are sure you will find a new way of training and a new lifestyle!